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Registration Bureau The local bureau under which the company is registered
Company Name The name of the registered company
Registration No. The company’s official registration number
Registered Address A principal address registered within the area of jurisdiction of the local registration authority
Company Type The company’s type of incorporation
Registration Date The date when the company was officially registered
License expiry date The expiry date of the company’s business license
Business Scope The coverage of the operation for the company
APE Classification Every business is classified under an activity code entitled APE – Activite Principale de l’Entreprise.
Registered Capital The declared investment in the company to be made by shareholders
Legal Representative  The person with the broadest individual authority in a company
Management & Board of Directors The board which is elected by the shareholders and is the highest authority in the management of the corporation
Shareholders An owner of shares in a company
Accountant The person who performs accounting functions such as audits or financial statement analysis